Many Things At Once, All Connected

Published on 2018-05-28

I found myself this weekend wishing I had a place I could hang ideas, so that I could walk through them, touch them, tie things to them, connect them to other ideas, like constellations.

Most of my ideas are kept in journals now (though some make it as far as Instagram). It's hard to connect one thing to another in either journal pages or Instagram. And as I'm sitting down to write this first post for Drip, I am thinking a lot about connections, between ideas, among finished work, within communities.

A long time ago, when I was first learning how to program for the internet, I was also writing poetry. While I tried to keep the two very separate, sometimes poems happened in code. Other times, functionality informed a lyrical moment. Often, I didn't see the connections until long after several projects were finished, and then I realized they formed a constellation of sorts.

I think that's part of where some of us are now, as creators with  lives and work stretched out across the web, in print, and in public. Or at least, that's where I am. And I'm mostly comfortable here, especially when I can make connections. 

So I'm going to share ideas here -- in that drawings and poems are ideas -- starting with two poems available for all supporters (usually the finished poems will go in the Anchorage), along with a bit of what I was thinking about when I wrote them and an audio reading of one. "Reentry" is up for subscribers already and "Maps will go up later this week." 

I'll also post behind-the-scenes notes from what happens when the writing *doesn't* flow, and -- for the workbench -- bloopers from The Museum of Errant Critters," which I'm mailing out this week to project supporters.

postcards unboxed!
postcards unboxed!

In time, entries like these will hopefully form a constellation of sorts -- words and images, pixels and ink, moments and worlds -- with a conversation about connections at the center.

Bring your questions along, and we'll see what we can weave together.