The Kickstarter-Drip News and Us (plus some notecard news!)

Published on 2018-10-24

Hello friends!  As you may be hearing, Kickstarter has asked Andy Baio, one of the original Drip developers and a founder of XOXO to work on a Drip makeover that will, in about a year, shift to becoming a new and improved online community for us.

What does that mean in the meantime? 

For you all, not one thing. Posts and whimsy will continue, as will a few new projects I've been dreaming up. 

For me, it means a little bit of nerves, as I count on you to be part of my community and also for some necessary income that allows me to make and create, work on LOUDBIRD, more poems, and to talk about craft and creating with you.

So I talked with my connections at Kickstarter, and I've listened to what wiser Drip creators have had to say (including Mike Rugnetta who helped alpha and beta Drip), and I'm looking forward to moving through the year and then onwards right here (while also doing more Kickstarter projects). When they're ready, we'll be ready to move and we will work together to make sure nothing's lost. In short: I'm feeling very hopeful about what's ahead.

So! Some things coming up over the next few weeks include an announcement about a collaborative poetry project for Drip and Patreon members both, with feedback if you want it, and new notecards (hint: SPACE), baubles, and essays... just for starters. 

I hope you'll join me to see where this takes us - and keep in touch -- If you have questions, ask away, we'll get them answered asap.

All my best,