I'm Holly, an 18X Kickstarter creator and a nomadic maker of things...

All of my funded projects have been enamel pins up to this point, but I'm no one trick pony.

I’m an artist, I suppose. 

Maybe "maker" is a more appropriate term... Though, I don't focus on any one specific idea or work in any single style, or medium exclusively. 

Most of the things I make have a bit of a left lean to them: charity, compassion, human rights, are all things that interest me and inform my work. I frequently donate my time to causes that are close to my heart, so if that's you feel free to DM me and we can talk.

Though sometimes I need a break from all the seriousness and make things just for the sake of making something beautiful.

While I do have a light income through freelance work that includes brand creation, simple website design, and commissioned works,  I feel like we all need to make more than just capitalistic attempts at living. 

I usually have about five or so projects going at once and more building up in my mental filing cabinet. 

There are no slow periods as far as ideas are concerned, only a shortage of funding and space.

This approach results in the continuous production of a wide variety of work including but not limited to:

brand creation, paintings large and small, enamel pins, miniature leather horse saddles, enamel jewelry, ceramic jewelry, sketches/traditional and digital drawings, functional and/or decorative ceramic pieces, mixed media, leather items, prints, fabrics, cross stitching, crochet, culinary arts like kombucha and edible sculpture, art/product design for charity/fund raising, and any other random thing that pops into my head. I'll try just about anything twice.

Your support through Drip will accomplish several things: 

1. It will provide a supplemental income for me and through that, YOU will become a catalyst for the production of meaningful and accessible work in a wide variety of mediums while also providing a safety net for more experimentation, allowing me to push myself further as a creator. Funding is the largest hurdle I have to producing anything.

2. You'll become a part of my test lab and get some pretty neat stuff before anyone else does. You'll be the ones helping me decide what to make on a larger scale, which means you get first access!

3. Your subscription will allow me to produce larger, more involved, time consuming pieces that address subjects I empathize with and frequently encounter in my travels such as homelessness, migration, and the desperate need for more compassion for everyone.

4. It will provide more time to write proposals for publicly showing my work, increasing visibility and awareness of important issues. 

5. Your contribution will help to offset the upfront costs of building my brands of smaller accessory pieces like enamel pins, charms, pendants, patches, etc... that are made mostly to delight and amuse you, which brings me an immense amount of joy.

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