Passport #6

Published on 2019-07-08

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all doing well!

Stella Nobel and I are on our final two weeks here in Peru and this is our last day in Ayacucho. It has been an interesting month, in a very low-key kind of way. Let me just say, I can't remember how I used to live before wifi LOL...

We were out on a beautiful farm for three weeks, feeding lambs that had been abandoned by their mothers, running into random llamas that were visiting from other farms, laying in wheat field and painting for hours, and a curious hose who was most interested in the taste of Stella's hat. As nice as it was out there in the middle of nowhere, sometimes completely alone in the middle of a star filled night, I decided that I just couldn't do the no hot shower thing and three weeks of freezing at almost 11K feet was definitely an experience for both of us. Stella said she loved every min.  I guess if you add enough animals, any thing is tolerable for her. 

Stella feeding the two abandoned lambs. "They're like puppies!" she said.
Stella feeding the two abandoned lambs. "They're like puppies!" she said.

So we moved back into the city eight days ago. I've learned there are certain things that in order to have a happy life, I just need, primarily, a hot shower at least a few times a week and coffee while still in my pajamas. 

Tomorrow we leave the city once again and go on to Abancay. We're going to a little campsite in the Andes, though the elevation is actually a couple thousand feet lower that here. Supposedly we'll be there for 2 weeks, but we'll see if we can do it. If not, we may go back to Lima early or some other town first. Adventure is out there! haha...

Today is also the last day of my Painting Peru Quickstarter and I am very much looking forward to working on capturing the beautiful Andes mountains. Painting is pretty much all we'll be doing while we're out there. Here's a couple photos of a few paintings I made from the farm: 

Wheat #1 (4x6 watercolor)
Wheat #1 (4x6 watercolor)
Wheat #2 (watercolor)
Wheat #2 (watercolor)
Ollucos, wheat, the sacred flower of Peru, and the view from our bedroom
Ollucos, wheat, the sacred flower of Peru, and the view from our bedroom

All of these paintings/drawings (including the ollucos in the header) will be going to Kickstarter backers and this reward is available for the trinkets category or higher. If you choose this as your reward, you'll receive a larger painting, unless of course you'd preffer a small one, then I'm happy to oblige.

Ollucos are those brightly colored potato looking things. They're a type of tuberose that are indigenous to the Andes. They're harvested the same as potatoes and come out of the ground whit these amazing lyy bright colors. This is the reference photo I took in order to paint the header (no filter!):


What's New?

Well, luckily we have had wifi because I have been doing almost nothing except working, working, WORKING on a new project called The Gild. Unfortunately (there's a couple of those this round) my person and I have decided after five years and two countries together, amicably, though neither of us really wants to, to go our separate ways. He wants a baby, and I for many, many reasons don't feel that is something that my mental, emotional, and physical, health can handle again. There's obviously lots more that goes into this decision, but it's probably for the best. As he said, I'm not excited about the idea and honestly I think I may have PTSD from the first time. Life changes and one should expect it. I subscribe to the Buddhist ideal of  "attachment is the root of all suffering" because keeping this in mind really does help me from becoming too upset when things change. We get upset when we hold on to this idea of "supposed to be" when in reality the only thing that is supposed to be, is compassion and the only thing we can rely on is change. 

And then as if my magic, just as this decision was coming to fruition, a friend of mine asked me to be a partner in this new endeavor (thank the powers that be for miracles and perfect timing). So I'll be moving back to the US, but hopefully just for a little while, a year or so... maybe two. I've never been interested in Nashville, but knowing there's a termination date on my time there helps make returning to the south almost tolerable.

The Gild is a brand new retail, education, and pop-up concept that was created specifically to help women (and fem identifying people) overcome these and other obstacles that we as female creatives face in a fast paced and ever changing retail environment. We're all about helping women get ahead and we are doing that not only through classes and workshops, but also through organizing and participating in community outreach and donating a portion of proceeds to worthwhile causes that address important issues that affect women. 

I've been working on all the branding, graphics, website, planning, and connecting all the little bits to prepare for our studio location to open up on the 13th and also for the big project, the five month long pop-up in The Mall at Green Hills. That starts November 15th and goes through March 31. I'm really excited about this because it is the perfect job for me. One where I'll constantly be creating, teaching, learning, growing, and helping others to grow all while being surrounded by a community of other like-minded women. 

I'll be moving back July 31st, so the rest of this month is going to be a whirlwind of activity, which, I kinda like because, you know, idle hands and all...

Another Unfortunate

I also received an email from Drip. Turns out they will be canceling the entire platform, which makes me sad obviously, because it really does force me to commit to making things, writing things, and connecting with people. Otherwise I kind of put myself in a bottle sometimes.

October will be the last month that I'll be able to post here. For those of you who receive rewards, if there's something that I've made that you want, whether through Kickstarter or something I've posted on Instagram, please let me know so I can send you some things. Or you can let me know in October. I think you all have my contact information, so feel free to use it if you need to.

I do have a Patreon as well, though I've not used it in a couple years and don't have any subscribers, so I be sprucing that up adjusting the reward tiers, most likely, and start posting everything over there, after drip shuts down.

Well, I suppose that's about it for now.

That's pretty much it. I'll be posting again once I get back to the U.S. the first week of August, most likely the end of the first week, there will be a lot of moving parts at the beginning of that week, grabbing my things fro two different states and getting more work done.

I'm still working on last month and this month's wall paper, but I promise they're coming! 

As always, thank you so very much for your support. I appreciate it more that I can express.