Join me as a create a new podcast series, a new multimedia performance, and write a poetic memoir all centering on the contours of American identities in the contemporary socio-political landscape.

I am a Nigerian-American artist interested in strategies of storytelling, as well as performative strategies of destroying hegemonic narratives, that allow one to recast the body, confront traumas and histories, and offer creative ways of collective healing and support. In my work, I bring together elements of lecture and discussion, as well as elements of spiritual practice, in order to support and disrupt the conventions of live performance.

Over the past two years, I have been fortunate to extensively tour my two most recent works, #negrophobia and Séancers (currently touring), across the U.S. and Europe. Confronting vastly different audiences and responses to the work has helped me shape the necessity of being a part of something like Kickstarter Drip. I desire ways to find constant engagement with those I meet around the world, while generating deeper connections and support for my work. In the next two years, I will embark on Chameleon, my most ambitious project yet, that combines film installation, podcast series, and live performance. This piece will begin development this summer and work toward a premiere in 2020 in NYC. 

In the next two years of developing my work, I am making significant strides in my written and audio work. I am excited about further developing a podcast in tandem with this project and releasing more of my recommended readings and writings over time. As you continue to support me and my work, you will receive unique access to all of these things as they unfold!

Whether you can give $1, $5, or $500 as a monthly commitment, you will be hugely contributing to the growth and process of my work, work that is committed to uncovering difficult truths and engaging in collective healing processes. Join me!

And, thank you. You are helping me, my work, and my collaborators, grow deeply and expansively. 



P.S. Continue to follow my happenings any time at or on Instagram @jaamilkosoko. 

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