Returning to My Body

Published on 2018-09-06

Hello Dear Ones, 

I'm writing to share with you a lil update. I'm currently in residence in Akron, OH at the National Center for Choreography here working on a new strategic plan for my creative work. It's been an incredibly insightful process working with Christy Bolingbroke, the Director of the Center, as I ask one of the hardest questions of myself: What do I want? 

What do I want for my future, for my practice? How do I want to shape my life as an artist, thinker, lover?  And with that, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you for being pioneers in this dialogue. Thank you for your support and interest in this journey. I'm so thrilled that we reached our 10th subscriber this month!!! Yey!!!

Please continue to share the work, share this page, ask me questions.  I plan to introduce a new giving tier on drip this Fall as well. 

That said, I'm gonna run now. I'm heading the the Museum this evening. In the meantime, check out my latest newsletter here.

Stay in touch and Lots of Love,