Update #4: What's After the Next

Published on 2018-05-30

Hey Fam,

Continued thanks for your love, energy and support during this Drip campaign. What is an all-too-vulnerable act is also something I am taking great pride in right now. Thanks so much for being here. 

As we are nearing the end of this “Founding Period,” I wanted to tell you, in brief, about two upcoming projects your contributions will power in the next year. 

First, I have been gathering information and writing materials for my memoirs, to be published in 2019. It has been a powerful and painful process thus far, and one that I have been engulfed in for many years. Alongside collaborator and editor Alyssa Gersony, I am reckoning with many long-forgotten, yet not entirely lost, portions of my childhood and adolescence. I have re-lived some of this in an episode of Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast this past fall (listen to it here: https://www.apmpodcasts.org/ttfa/2017/11/what-does-all-this-loss-mean/) and will continue to mine many of these memories for release soon. 

Second, is my podcast project. I love podcasting! I am in the very early stages of crafting, creating, and producing a podcast where I interview other artists and creatives one-on-one. I am seeking dialogues that can exist outside of any easy mold of discourse, yet bring all the worlds I inhabit-- academic, performance, poetic, curatorial-- together in compelling conversations. It’s a chance for me to share my work with you in a different way but, even more, a chance for me to make sure some of my very favorite artists get to speak out, and tell their stories on their own terms. 

Plus, if you continue to join me in Drip, I will send you excerpts, notes, previews, and thoughts on these projects...and more! You will get the first peek into these budding endeavors. 

Stay very tuned…

In gratitude,