I am an author and advocate for women in abusive relationships. My work helps victims and survivors. Stand with me and block the road to Isolation Junction because Together we are Louder.

Through my publications, blog posts, articles, public speaking, paper/radio/TV interviews, weekly Twitter chat, social media presence and the forum I founded- I build awareness of domestic abuse. 

Subscribing to my drip will enable me to continue my journey to bring awareness to domestic abuse and which will help those effected receive the help and support they need. 

About my writing

Years ago I experienced an abusive relationship for some years and after coming out of that relationship I felt I needed to raise awareness. At the time there was no UK law to help me as a victim of coercive control and emotional abuse, I decided that through a form of entertainment that I could educate others.  

Since the publication of Isolation Junction I have received hundreds of messages from others who have been through abuse personally. I have helped other women in abusive relationships to find the help they need to get out, simply by connecting them with local services they didn’t know were available; not just in the UK. Let me also say clearly, that domestic abuse crosses all classes and social divides and happens to women and men of all ages. 

Clipped Wings was released in October 2017; I put together stories told to me by survivors of domestic abuse. In this way, I hope to give a voice to their experiences and to raise awareness of the types of unacceptable behaviour which fall into the category of domestic abuse. Thankfully the law has changed to incorporate this kind of insidious behaviour but still far too many people are trapped, isolated and afraid or unaware of how to escape. I hope that this anthology will give them the courage to take that first step and will raise awareness for those who can help them.

My publications:

Isolation Junction

Clipped Wings

About my Advocacy 

I am passionate about standing up for the changes that need to be made and the awareness there needs to be, if more people knew what an unhealthy relationship looked like then this could change the horrific statistic that domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetime. 

In short, I speak about my experiences and domestic abuse across the UK, I challenge policies in the fight to get them changed, I signpost and support victims and survivors, I host a weekly discussion on Twitter under #AbuseTalk, I found a forum on my website, I speak with professionals in the sector, I am constantly building my own knowledge to help others. 

Why Drip?

The reason why I am starting this drip is because I spend many hours a week sign posting people for support they need. All of this is voluntary and this drip will enable me to fund the time I am using. It will also go towards future projects and the costs involved, all of which you will be updated with as a subscriber. 

What do I get out of being a supporter? 

Subscribing to my drip will give you a lot of insight into what I do especially the side you don’t see on social media. 

Have your name in lights, gain signed copies of my books, be placed in the acknowledgements of my future publications, have a fan pack through your letter box, a character named after you, I’ll share my knowledge on domestic abuse and what I learn in the future, Q&As and more. I have big plans for this Drip and cannot wait for you to be a part of the journey. 

As well as the tier incentives you will be standing with me in my journey to block the road to Isolation Junction, Together we are Louder

Thank you for taking the time to watch me and for your support. 

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