A progress update

Published on 2019-02-19

When I started this Drip I was clear that money would not just go towards me as a creator but towards projects that I am working on. 

My Drip is in its second month of been officially live and so I’m excited to share this news with you. 

A portion of the money from those who support me on my Drip has allowed me to purchase some equipment. I have some photos for you to have a look at exactly what I have bought. The equipment will allow me to shoot the in person #AbuseTalk Interviews with ease, most importantly the viewer will benefit by hearing the interview clearly and having a better camera angle that’s stable.

If you haven’t heard about the #Abuse Talk Interviews- They will be published live on my YouTube channel as a premier each first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm GMT. The interviews are with those who work in the domestic abuse sector and I will be asking the questions many have. The first interview went live this month and next months is currently in edit, March’s interview is with a solicitor. 

These interviews are going to not only bring awareness to what it’s like in the job roles but it’s going to give answers and educate. 

So, thank you again to those who support my Drip and if you haven’t then you can right away and there are different tiers to choose from.