Join my Street Team

Published on 2019-05-28

I thought it would be beneficial to let you know about my Street Team here. Those that subscribe to my Drip in anyway gain extra entries to the giveaways that are open in my Street Team, the current giveaway is for a £20 gift card. 

Here's more information and the quick access here

My Street Team has been open for over a year and we have achieved a lot as a group. I value each and every one of the members of this group and most contribute in different ways. Each helping to bring awareness to the work I do. 

It was also where I started to research opening this Drip profile, explored what to give as content, queried the pricing and did a lot of polls. 

What's it like to be a member of my Street Team?

Members are happy to share in the group any findings they think will be beneficial to other members. We also have some fun in there besides the giveaway, For EG at Christmas we did a Secret Santa. I have also had the opportunity to share some of my work and happenings that I wouldn’t normally share on my Facebook page. 

There are benefits other than the giveaways to joining my street team and that includes discount on my web store and other benefits to discover, they are all pinned to the post in the group itself. 

Hope to see you virtually over there. But remember subscribing to my Drip gives you more content, more inside information, first to know news, first to see work and more. Check out the tiers.