Some sad news

Published on 2019-06-17

Hi everyone, 

I come with some sad news today which I don't normally like to do. But it's got a silver lining and I hope you will be a part of that moving forward. 

On Friday I received an email with the announcement that Drip will be shutting down in October of this year. Originally Drip was a pilot scheme and I was invited onto the platform as I had successfully funded two Kickstarter campaigns. Drip is a part of Kickstarter and with loyalty, thought and research I decided to go with Drip. It was an exciting time and also a lot of work to put this together, you can imagine that the news has come as a bit of a blow. 

You can read the announcement here

Good news time...

I have since been invited onto Facebooks pilot scheme of creating a 'membership' group, I can't create tiers so it would be a set price. Even though this is good news I am also wary as I can't offer the range as I have had here. 

The other is that I can transfer over to Patreon but this would be a manual transfer. Patreon has been running for quite sometime and I had considered originally to go over to there. The reason why I didn't is because it operates in $ and not £. 

Either way I will be going forward but I do want to invite your thoughts on what you would prefer, a flat rate on Facebook or Patreon with tiers. Get in touch with me:

Before you go...

I will be continuing to post here and will be keeping you posted, so don't leave just yet, lets have a big hurrah as a send off on here. Especially as moving forward I have lots to share with you, this year was planned to be a big changing year and the motions are in work- ready to share with you before the rest of the world. 

Thank you for your time and vast support.