JJA Books: THE CITY OF LOST FORTUNES by Bryan Camp is Now Available

Published on 2018-05-04

On April 17, my John Joseph Adams Books imprint released Bryan Camp's The City of Lost Fortunes, a fantasy about a magician with a talent for finding lost things who is forced into playing a high stakes game with the gods of New Orleans for the heart and soul of the city.

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AMAZON: amzn.to/2HuuIwI 

B&N: bit.ly/2Hb4FN7 

KOBO: bit.ly/2HeUyaf 

GOOGLE PLAY: bit.ly/2v3HiQX 

Here's some early buzz the book has garnered:

"A deft and expansive fantasy imbued with real magic and wild plot turns." --Kelly Link, author of Pulitzer Prize finalist Get in Trouble  

"A phantasmagoric murder mystery that wails, chants, laments, and changes shape as audaciously as the mythical beings populating its narrative. [. . .] The engaging style, facility with folklore, and, above all, impassioned love for the city its characters call home keeps you enraptured by the book's most chilling and outrageous plot twists." --Kirkus Reviews (starred review)  

"There isn't a dull page as Jude determines who his real friends are. Anne Rice fans will enjoy this fresh view of supernatural life in New Orleans, while fans of Kim Harrison's urban fantasy will have a new author to watch." --Booklist (starred review)  

"Camp's fantasy reads like jazz, with multiple chaotic-seeming threads of deities, mortals, and destiny playing in harmony. This game of souls and fate is full of snarky dialogue, taut suspense, and characters whose glitter hides sharp fangs. [. . .] Any reader who likes fantasy with a dash of the bizarre will enjoy this trip to the Crescent City." --Publishers Weekly  

"Take a walk down wild card shark streets into a world of gods, lost souls, murder, and deep, dark magic. You might not come back from The City of Lost Fortunes, but you'll enjoy the trip." --Richard Kadrey, bestselling author of the Sandman Slim series  

"In The City of Lost Fortunes, Bryan Camp delivers a high-octane tale of myth and magic, serving up the best of Neil Gaiman and Richard Kadrey. Here is New Orleans in all its gritty, grudging glory, the haunt of sinners and saints, gods and mischief-makers. Once you pay a visit, you won't want to leave!" --Helen Marshall, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Gifts for the One Who Comes After  

"Bryan Camp's debut novel The City of Lost Fortunes is like a blessed stay in a city both distinctly familiar and wonderfully strange, with an old friend who knows just the right spots to take you to---not too touristy, and imbued with the weight of history and myth, populated by local characters you'll never forget. You'll leave sated with the sights and sounds of a New Orleans that is not quite the real city, but breathes like the real thing, a beautiful mimicry in prose that becomes its own version of reality in a way only a good story--or magic--can. You won't regret the visit." --Indra Das, author of The Devourers