LIGHTSPEED: "Big Boss Bitch" + "Super-Luminous Spiral" + "Kaleidoscope" + "The Horror of Party Beach" + Book Reviews

Published on 2018-10-11

Hello friends! Apologies for missing last week's "This Week on LIGHTSPEED" posts. I was traveling and was so busy I missed a few things like this. But here's last week's and this week's content, so you'll be all caught up.

Big Boss Bitch by Adrienne Celt

EXCERPT: The woman began as an idea, as so many women do. She couldn’t be entirely beautiful, because that would stretch credibility too far. She couldn’t be ugly, either, though. A face with just enough lines that on a man it would be called rugged or handsome; but let’s put a little makeup on to smooth the edges, hmm? For clothing, a pantsuit, and sometimes a skirt. Recognizable brands made invisible through smart cuts and conservative hemlines. And let’s make sure that she smiles. A little razzle-dazzle.

Super-Luminous Spiral by Cameron Van Sant

EXCERPT: Even though your creative fiction professor fawns over Joyce, you don’t understand the copy of Ulysses you checked out from the library, so you hide behind it while you stare at your classmate whose skin flickers. His blue and green skin is speckled in spirals of twinkling lights. When you stare long enough, you realize the spirals spin like galaxies. Part of your brain should tell you he is abnormal, but it does not. He stands up and reads his assignment. He reads poetry. This is not a poetry class.

Book Reviews: October 2018 by Chris Kluwe

Reviewer Chris Kluwe takes a look at a few books that kept him up late at night reading: Temper, by Nicky Drayden; Noumenon: Infinity, by Marina J. Lostetter; Record of a Spaceborn Few, by Becky Chambers; and The City of Brass, by S.A. Chakraborty.

The Horror of Party Beach by Dale Bailey

EXCERPT: All this happened a long time ago, in the summer when Blackboard Jungle ruled the screen, “Rock Around the Clock” shot up the charts, and Hal March asked the first $64,000 Question. That was the year our friend the atom lit up the streetlights of Arco, Idaho, the world’s first atomic city. Reddy Kilowatt had slain Bert the Turtle, who’d been telling us to duck and cover for years.

Kaleidoscope by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

EXCERPT: In this universe, the last time we talk is when I return the basketball I borrowed from you. We are seventeen. We’ve known each other for seven years. We’ve vivisected each other all through high school, intent on playing games of cruelties and making up, because it’s how wild animals play and we are nothing if not savages in denim and sneakers. We are always friends and always enemies, though on this day probably more friends than anything. You’d think we’d kiss this once, to seal a parting.