This Week in LIGHTSPEED: "To Market, to Market: The Branding of Billy Bailey" + "The Seeds of War" + Book Reviews

Published on 2019-04-11

To Market, To Market: The Branding of Billy Bailey by Cory Doctorow

EXCERPT: Billy and Principal Andrew Alty went all the way back to kindergarten, when Billy had convinced Mitchell McCoy that the green fingerpaint was Shamrock Shake, and watched with glee as the little babyface had scarfed it all down. Billy knew that Andrew Alty knew his style: refined, controlled, and above all, personal. Billy never would’ve dropped a dozen M-80s down the girls’ toilet. His stuff was always one-on-one, and possessed of a degree of charm and subtlety. But nevertheless, here was Billy, along with the sixth-grade bumper-crop of nasty-come-latelies, called on the carpet in front of Andrew Alty’s massive desk.

The Seeds of War by Ashok K. Banker

EXCERPT: Hastinaga was ablaze with word of Vrath’s amazing feat. Vrath’s stepmother, Dowager Empress Jilana, while taken aback at the manner in which it had been done, nevertheless bit her tongue when she saw what he had accomplished. That the two daughters of the king of Serapi were beautiful there was no doubt. At the wedding, they were the envy of every woman in the court. Tall, with full heads of thick, lustrous blue-black hair, fingernails and toenails painted blood red, heavy of hip and breast, heart-faced with a glow to rival the moon, they walked like queens already.

Book Reviews: April 2019 by Chris Kluwe

Reviewer Chris Kluwe takes a look at a trio of novels that explore self-awareness: The Deepest Blue, by Sarah Beth Durst, A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World (by C. A. Fletcher) and Max Gladstone’s Empress of Forever.