This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "Al-Kahf (الكهف)" + "Brightened Star, Ascending Dawn" + Review of BLACK PANTHER

Published on 2018-03-08

 "Al-Kahf (الكهف)" by Beesan Odeh 

EXCERPT: There once lived a man who was stolen from the sea. Rare and magnificent, he lived in his cave, rising to the surface every so often to pluck the strings of his violin for the birds before retreating into the water to play for his kin. They spent their days enthralled by the doleful songs of the man who lived in the littoral cave. But there came a day when the songs ceased and the people stopped going and the man was nowhere to be seen. 

"Brightened Star, Ascending Dawn" by A. Merc Rustad 

EXCERPT: She sees the universe unfold: color light cold music voice heat passion infinity. It uncurls in waves and song fractals that make up the subatomic fabric of space-time. Melodies of energy sweep her up and spin her into a thousand voices. Colors not yet named and not yet seen paint her mind with joy. The entire universe wraps around her, welcomes her, calls her home. 

Media Review: March 2018 by Joseph Allen Hill and Carrie Vaughn 

Our ace team of reviewers share their thoughts on the newest installation of the Marvel Universe: Black Panther