This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "Cosmic Spring" + "And Men Will Mine the Mountain for Our Souls" + Book Reviews

Published on 2018-03-15

"Cosmic Spring" by Ken Liu 

EXCERPT: Qubits resolve and superimpose; information entangles and de-couples; consciousness re-emerges. I don’t know for how long I’ve been asleep. There’s so little energy left in the island-ship’s reservoir that I’ve been conserving as much as possible. A faint glow in the abyss, perhaps several thousand kelvins. It’s why I’ve been awakened. I change course and head straight for perhaps the last star in the universe. 

"And Men Will Mine the Mountain for Our Souls" by Seanan McGuire 

EXCERPT:  Always had the sages known that they would come. The first princess, in her bed of jewels and smelted gold, had dreamt of them; dreamt their terrible faces, their terrible claws, their endless hunger that is greater than the mountain and deeper than the deepest-diving seam. She had wept in the night, to have such dreams, and some say that her death—as the deaths of all princesses since her—came hard and early, because she could not know the peace of slumber. 

Book Reviews by Arley Sorg 

This month, Arley Sorg reviews GODS, MONSTERS, AND THE LUCKY PEACH, by Kelly Robson, and AMBIGUITY MACHINES AND OTHER STORIES, by Vandana Singh.