This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "Greetings, Humanity! Welcome to Your Choice of Species!" + "Castle Coeurlieu" + Movie Review

Published on 2018-07-19

Greetings, Humanity! Welcome To Your Choice Of Species! by Adam-Troy Castro

EXCERPT: Hello, there! If you have received this telepathic mailing, you are a member of the species currently self-designated Homo sapiens, as evolved on the planet locally known as Earth, orbiting the sun locally known, for some reason that escapes us, as Sol. Most of your kind is already aware of the legal proceedings just completed in Session 3,975,216.7b of the Exalted High Tribunal of the Interstellar Commission on the Minimum Standards for Worthiness of Indigenous Cultures.

Castle Coeurlieu by Naomi Novik

EXCERPT: Isabeau came to Castle Coeurlieu as a girl of twelve, and its lady: She had been married two weeks before to the Comte de Coeurlieu, who was thirty-two and very large, with an always-angry hatchet face slashed and pierced through the left cheek where he had taken a crossbow bolt at the battle of Leprans, full six years ago. She had been excited beforehand: She knew it was a grand match, beyond her family’s deserts, and he was famous.

Media Review: July 2018 by Carrie Vaughn

This month reviewer Carrie Vaughn talks Avengers: Infinity War and the nature of the franchise.