This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "Gundark Island, or, Tars Tarkas Needs Your Help" + "The Lady of Shalott" + a Media Review

Published on 2019-04-18

Gundark Island, or, Tars Tarkas Needs Your Help by Matthew Corradi

EXCERPT: When Tommy Burke took me out to Gundark Island to see the alien, I wasn’t really expecting much. Maybe I was just going because I thought it would be cool to take a ride in Tommy’s canoe. Or maybe I was just hoping Tommy might turn out to be a friend. If there really was an alien there, too, then all the better. After passing a hand-painted sign that said “Please Don’t Feed the Alien,” we came to a clearing in the middle of the island where I saw a lump in the ground. At first it looked like a small boulder, except that it had a grayish-purple tint to it. Upon closer inspection it vaguely appeared to have scales.

The Lady of Shalott by Carrie Vaughn

EXCERPT: As far as she could remember, the Lady had never been outside the tower. She might have been born here. She assumed she had been born, but maybe not. Maybe she just appeared, her complete adult self, flowing red hair and porcelain skin, dressed in a gown of blue trimmed with gold, with no memory of anything outside these rounded walls. All day, every day, she wove a tapestry set on a loom against the wall. She might have been weaving forever, and she didn’t know if she would ever finish.

Media Review: April 2019 by Christopher East

Reviewer Christopher East unpacks the many layers of Netflix’s Russian Doll.