This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "Her Monster, Whom She Loved" + "Abandonware" + "A Few of Our Favorite Things"

Published on 2018-09-06

Her Monster, Whom She Loved by Vylar Kaftan

EXCERPT: Ammuya birthed five hundred gods, followed by a monster. That was her first mistake. The gods tormented the monster because they feared it. They bound it inside a black hole, and the monster’s hatred seethed. Eventually the monster raged so fiercely he escaped the event horizon. Then he hunted down his siblings, one by one. On a silent desert planet, Ammuya cried for her children.

Abandonware by Genevieve Valentine

EXCERPT: Some kids do that—they imprint on empty objects, they give them stories and opinions and a will, until they feel half-inhabited even to grownups, who have to pretend that they care how Chrissy’s blanket feels about things for so long that one day when Chrissy’s at school they step on the blanket and apologize. I did it with anything, when I was young; my toys were always in the middle of some intense plot that nobody outside could understand.

A Few of Our Favorite Things by Wendy N. Wagner

To celebrate our 100th issue we’ve asked members of the Lightspeed community—contributors and staff—to name their favorite stories or experiences working with the magazine. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of wonder! 

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