This Week on LIGHTSPEED (Issue 100!): "Harry and Marlow and the Secret of Ahomana" + "Jump" + Book Reviews

Published on 2018-09-13

Harry and Marlowe and the Secret of Ahomana by Carrie Vaughn

EXCERPT: Wine-dark sea? No, the water was black as tar when the Kestrel crashed into it. The storm came up so suddenly, they might have hit a wall. It proved too massive for the airship to try to fly around, or over—it could only ascend so high, and the storm reached higher. They stayed aloft as long they could with a torn bladder and damaged engine, searching for some spit of sand to alight on. The lightning seemed to flash green around them.

Jump by Cadwell Turnbull

EXCERPT: Mike and Jessie were walking in the park. The trees high above their heads stretched to touch each other, their leaves letting only the tiniest slivers of light through. Mike watched the freckles of light spot Jessie’s brown face, her shirt, her arms. He tried to snub them out with his fingers. It was a long day for them. They’d spent a few hours walking around the park, just talking. About old dreams and new ones, black riots and urban decay, the secrets of their hearts and the mysteries of the universe.

Book Reviews: September 2018 by Arley Sorg

This month, reviewer Arley Sorg turns his attention to new novels by S.L. Huang (Zero Sum Game), P. Djèlí Clark (The Black God’s Drums), and Rebecca Roanhorse (Trail of Lightning).