This Week on LIGHTSPEED (Issue 100!): "The Last to Matter" + "The Coin of Heart's Desire" + Video Game Reviews

Published on 2018-09-20

The Last to Matter by Adam-Troy Castro

EXCERPT: Kayn knew he was being rejected by the orgynism for almost a full year before it fully expelled him. He could easily live a million years past this humiliation and never understand what he had done to deserve such a rejection from the collective that had loved him so well, for so long. He had been one of the orgynism’s founders, the man who had provided its organizing principles and solicited the first participants.

The Coin of Heart’s Desire by Yoon Ha Lee

EXCERPT: In an empire at the wide sea’s boundaries, where the clouds were the color of alabaster and mother-of-pearl, and the winds bore the smells of salt and faraway fruits, the young and old of every caste gathered for their empress’s funeral. In life she had gone by the name Beryl-Beneath-the-Storm. Now that she was dead, the court historians were already calling her Weave-the-Storm, for she had been a fearsome naval commander.

Media Reviews: September 2018 by Jenn Reese

This month, we fired up our consoles and computers to find exciting new speculative video games. Reviewer Jenn Reese shares some of her favorites.