This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "Midway" + "The Pilgrim and the Angel" + Media Reviews

Published on 2019-01-17

Midway by Tony Ballantyne

EXCERPT: It’s not unusual to hear music in a spaceport arrival lounge. After all, if aliens didn’t enjoy music, I’d never have been able to travel. But this sounded familiar. Disturbingly familiar. Standing in line, I felt a sinking sensation as the tune wound its way to its conclusion. It was The Beatles. Millions of light years from Earth and I was listening to The Beatles. How did I feel?

The Pilgrim and the Angel by E. Lily Yu

EXCERPT: Three days before Mr. Fareed Halawani was washed and turned to face the northeast, a beatific smile on his face, he had the unusual distinction of entertaining the angel Gabriel at the coffeeshop he operated in the unfashionable district of Moqattam in Cairo. Fareed was tipped back in his monobloc chair, watching the soccer game on television. The cigarette between his lips wobbled with disapproval at the referee’s calls.

Media Reviews: January 2019 by Christopher East

This month, Christopher East reviews new SF television shows Maniac and Counterpart.