This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "Mouths" + "Of a Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs" + Book Reviews

Published on 2018-12-13

Mouths by Lizz Huerta

EXCERPT: Times were strange, and those who survived the collapse had a jarring mixtape of skills. Plumbers were holy men, exorcising the encampments of the demons of human waste. They brought forth, stored and dispensed the holiest sacrament of all, clean water. Warriors emerged from the strangest of places, sex workers commanded respect and were offered it gladly.

Of a Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs by Adam-Troy Castro

EXCERPT: On the last night before the end of everything, the stars shine like a fortune in jewels, enriching all who walk the quaint cobblestoned streets of Enysbourg. It is a celebration night, like most nights in the capital city. The courtyard below my balcony is alive with light and music. Young people drink and laugh and dance. Gypsies in silk finery play bouncy tunes on harmonicas and mandolins. Many wave at me, shouting invitations to join them.

Book Reviews: December 2018 by Arley Sorg

This month reviewer Arley Sorg reviews the druid fantasy The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson, the time travel adventure Alice Payne Arrives by Kate Heartfield, and a new collection by long-time Lightspeed contributor Kat Howard: A Cathedral of Myth and Bone.