This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "Oversite" + "Hapthorn's Last Case" + Movie Review

Published on 2018-11-15

Oversite by Maureen F. McHugh

EXCERPT: “It doesn’t hurt, Gram,” Renata says. My sixteen-year-old daughter pulls up her t-shirt sleeve to show her bare arm, the skin summer brown and the muscle swelling slightly into smooth biceps, flawless. “I had it done when I was little and see, you can’t even tell.” My mother is sitting in the little examining room at the assisted living complex. Everything is white and hospital-like but there’s no examining couch.

Hapthorn’s Last Case by Matthew Hughes

EXCERPT: My assistant said, “You have received an invitation from Holk Xanthoulian. He is embarking on a new menu and invites, and I quote, ‘a select coterie of the cognoscenti to sample its superlative assemblage of tastes, textures, and titillations.’” “He has a flair for the alliterative,” I said. “Sadly, that is true,” my assistant said. “Shall I decline?”

Media Review: November 2018 by Violet Allen

Violet Allen takes a look at the SF movie Kin.