This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "The Crystal Spheres" + "Our Side of the Door" + Movie Reviews

Published on 2018-05-17

The Crystal Spheres by David Brin

EXCERPT: It was just a luckychance that I had been defrosted when I was—the very year that farprobe 992573-aa4 reported back that it had found a goodstar with a shattered crystalsphere. I was one of only twelve deepspacers alivewarm at the time, so naturally I got to take part in the adventure. At first I knew nothing about it. When the flivver came, I was climbing the flanks of the Sicilian plateau, in the great valley a recent ice age had made of the Mediterranean Sea I had once known.

Our Side of the Door by Kodiak Julian

EXCERPT: It isn’t until I realize I can’t find my son—really can’t find him—that I think of all the other things I can’t see in the starlit orchard. “Cruz!” I yell. “Buddy! You win!” There is no moon. The trees are thick with blossoms. I hear Cruz in the tall grasses, rustling, giggling. He is six years old. This wouldn’t bother my wife. Alyssa believes that Cruz should learn to use a knife, to light a match, to walk beside a river without stumbling and drowning.

Media Reviews: May 2018 by Carrie Vaughn

Carrie Vaughn explores the nature of adapting a novel to the big screen when she reviews Annihilation and A Wrinkle in Time.