This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "The Engine at Heartspring's Center" + "Son of Water and Fire" + Book Reviews

Published on 2019-01-10

The Engine at Heartspring’s Center by Roger Zelazny

EXCERPT: Let me tell you of a creature called the Bork. It was born in the heart of a dying sun. It was cast forth upon this day from the river of past/future as a piece of time pollution. It was fashioned of mud and aluminum, plastic, and some evolutionary distillate of seawater. It had spun dangling from the umbilical of circumstance until, severed by its will, it had fallen a lifetime or so later, coming to rest on the shoals of a world where things go to die.

Son of Water and Fire by Ashok K. Banker

EXCERPT: Born of water, into water, the boy knew no other world. It would not always be thus. Someday, he had been told, he would leave here for another place. His mother had told him this, in a quiet time, her body swollen and expanded to its widest, spanning banks miles apart, trailing enormous skirts of silt. He loved her at these quiet times, when her icy mountain rage had mellowed to a somnolent trawl, flowing majestically down to the ocean.

Book Reviews: January 2019 by Chris Kluwe

This month, reviewer Chris Kluwe digs his teeth into three new science fiction novels: Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik; The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi; and Salvation, by Peter F. Hamilton.