This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "The Incursus by Asimov-NN#71" + "The Terrible Oath" +

Published on 2019-02-21

The Incursus by Asimov-NN#71 by Gord Sellar

EXCERPT: The Death of Science Fiction had remained a perennial, if tiresome, subject for reviewers of SF novels for decades. In each case, the supposed flatline of the genre—whether in terms of quality, viability, or intrepidity—has leapt back to gloriously resolute life, producing enough notable books in each surge of the commercial ECG that one must finally consider another oneself amid a de facto deferral of the end.

The Terrible Oath by Ashok K. Banker

EXCERPT: The nation greeted Vrath with great warmth and approval. The Burnt Empire regarded its liege as nothing less than a demi-god; in a sense, this was not far from the truth: Whether or not the Krushan dynasty was in fact born of stonefire, they were certainly something more than human. In the Krushan tongue, which was the official language of the capitol Hastinaga and the rest of the Empire, there was no word for “lie” or “falsehood.”

Media Reviews: February 2019 by Christopher East

How do Netflix’s original films stack up against their television series? Reviewer Christopher East shares some of his favorites from the last year or so, including:  MUTE, ANON, WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY, THE DISCOVERY, EXTINCTION, ARQ, NEXT GEN, BLAME!, CAM, and BIRD BOX.