This Week on LIGHTSPEED: "The Quiltbag" + "Tie Goes to the Runner" + Book Reviews

Published on 2018-06-14

 Tie Goes to the Runner by Russell Nichols

EXCERPT: The alien came to play ball. Or so I thought. It didn’t say so outright. Not exactly. Couldn’t speak English far as we could tell. But every day that summer, it would meet us there at the sandlot. The thing would come and stand behind the dugout, which was a rusty old hope chest Willie stole from his big sister. It would stand out there, the alien, not moving or nothing. Just observing, if that’s even the right word.

The Quiltbag by Ashok K. Banker

EXCERPT: Octavia was at the last gate when the alarm sounded. A small army of bristling weapons encircled her. The bag shuddered in her grip, panic rippling through its weave. She gripped it tighter, reassuring it. It’s your hair, it sent tremulously. Told you to straighten it and bind it tight; they don’t like big black hair. She squeezed it tight against her side: Hush, hush. “Step aside, ma’am,” said a man in a grey uniform.

Book Reviews: June 2018 by Arley Sorg

This month, Arley reviews The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang, Unbury Carolby Josh Malerman, and Ruth Joffre’s debut collection Night Beast.