This Week on NIGHTMARE: "Apports" by Stephen Bacon + Book Reviews

Published on 2018-03-28

"Apports" by Stephen Bacon 

EXCERPT:  They met at a café on the corner of Mulberry Street. It was a fairly nondescript place—greasy net curtains, laminated menus, chipped Formica tables. Probably bustling with overweight truckers first thing in the morning, but at this hour it was almost deserted. Casual patrons had possibly been deterred by the rain. Or maybe the poor hygiene. Cowan spotted Jimenez as soon as he stepped inside. He was sitting at a table in the corner, and he glanced up and waved at the sound of Cowan’s entrance. 

Book Reviews: March 2018 by Adam-Troy Castro 

Adam-Troy Castro reviews new short story collections from masters of horror David J. Schow and Jack Ketchum.