This Week on NIGHTMARE: "Kill All Monsters" + Book Reviews

Published on 2018-08-22

Kill All Monsters by Gary McMahon

EXCERPT: Two or three miles south of Sheffield, they pulled off the M1 motorway and into the badly lit car park of a grubby little HumChef roadside restaurant. Squat buildings huddled in the darkness, separated by narrow patches of overgrown wasteland. The road was narrow; the aged asphalt surface was cracked and blistered. The woman glanced at the clock on the dashboard; it was two-thirty a.m. The child was asleep in the back, snoring softly. The woman reached across and clasped the man’s hand on the steering wheel.

Book Reviews: August 2018 by Terence Taylor

EXCERPT: This month, Terence Taylor has some new horror fiction you should know: rock’n’roll-themed scares from Lee Thomas (Distortion) and Grady Hendrix (We Sold Our Souls).