This Week on NIGHTMARE: "Quiet the Dead"

Published on 2019-02-06

Quiet the Dead by Micah Dean Hicks

EXCERPT: Stray spirits stirred in the dark. They lay like oil slicks across the asphalt, pulled their misty bodies in and out of the doors of Swine Hill’s pork processing plant, and drifted storm-like in Kay’s wake. Her every hot breath was full of the dead. The man had crossed her. Had shouldered into her on the crowded butchery floor where she leaned over a workstation and hacked through bone and bleeding pig meat. Had stolen knives and gloves from the locker that everyone knew was hers.

Editor's Note: This story takes place in the world of the author's debut novel, BREAK THE BODIES, HAUNT THE BONES, from John Joseph Adams Books (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), which is available now.