This Week on NIGHTMARE: "Shepherds' Business" + Media Review

Published on 2019-04-24

Shepherds’ Business by Stephen Gallagher

EXCERPT: Picture me on an island supply boat, one of the old Clyde Puffers seeking to deliver me to my new post. This was 1947, just a couple of years after the war, and I was a young doctor relatively new to General Practice. Picture also a choppy sea, a deck that rose and fell with every wave, and a cross-current fighting hard to turn us away from the isle. Back on the mainland I’d been advised that a hearty breakfast would be the best preventative for seasickness and now, having loaded up with one, I was doing my best to hang onto it.

Media Review: April 2019 by Adam-Troy Castro

This month, Adam-Troy Castro reviews Clark Ashton Smith: The Emperor of Dreams, a new documentary about a horror legend.