This Week on NIGHTMARE: "The Anatomist's Mnemonic" + A Review of A QUIET PLACE

Published on 2018-06-27

The Anatomist’s Mnemonic by Priya Sharma

EXCERPT: Samuel Wilson’s life wasn’t a search for love at every turn. There’d been girls he’d liked, with whom he’d managed fragile love affairs, but something was always lacking no matter how hard he tried. Something that failed to ignite. Sam knew what it was. He knew that love and objectification weren’t the same but he had a passion for hands. His arousal in every organ, the mind, the skin, the parts he’d once been told were made for sin, depended on the wrists, the palms, the fingertips.

Media Review: June 2018 by Adam-Troy Castro

This month Adam-Troy Castro reviews horror hit A Quiet Place.