This Week on NIGHTMARE: "The Pike" + Book Reviews

Published on 2018-09-26

The Pike by Conrad Williams

EXCERPT: Carpers further down the canal were using fishmeal and pellets to try to tempt the doubles, but Lostock wasn’t interested in them. Carp might fight for longer, but they weren’t as aggressive as pike. He didn’t like the look of them, those bloated and gormless mouth-breathers. They turned his stomach. He’d talked to bailiffs and other fishermen about the water. Some were happy to chat with him, others hunched over their gear like poker players protecting a good hand as he approached. They’d tell him what he already knew. They suggested he find another place to fish.

Book Review: September 2018 by Adam-Troy Castro

Adam-Troy Castro reviews The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay.