This Week on NIGHTMARE: "We Are All Monsters Here" + The H Word: The New Wave of Elevated Horror

Published on 2019-02-13

We Are All Monsters Here by Kelley Armstrong

EXCERPT: So disappointing. After decades of movies and TV shows and books filled with creatures by turns terrifying and tempting, it was a guarantee that the real thing could never live up to the hype. We knew that. Yet we were still disappointed. When the first stories hit the news—always from some distant place we’d never visited or planned to visit—the jokes followed. Late-night comedy routines, YouTube videos, Internet memes . . . people had a blast mocking the reality of vampires.

The H Word: How The Witch and Get Out Helped Usher in the New Wave of Elevated Horror by Richard Thomas

EXCERPT: If you haven’t seen The Witch (2015) and Get Out (2017), you must have been living under a rock. The former was a breakout title for A24 Films, becoming the fifth highest grossing movie they’ve put out to date (with over $25 million dollars in earnings). And the latter was nominated for several Golden Globe and Academy Awards, winning the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Two very different films, they both took chances at the box office—with their stories, images, themes, settings, and overall experiences.