I’m designing independent themed attractions for you to explore!

I’ve designed many themed attractions—immersive theater productions, walkthroughs, and theme park rides. Sometimes these are illustrations; sometimes they’re scale models; and sometimes they’re the whole real thing. I group these together under the company I founded called Variable Stage. I’ve blogged plenty about what’s come before but starting now, I’m designing, building, and sharing one of these concepts every month.

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13 Posts

  • Bobby's Birthday recap + the end of Drip

    Hi! Sorry that you're still subscribed to my Drip! I stopped posting at the end of 2018, but I never actually shut down my account, so...
  • “Post Haste!” Concept Video

    It’s here! I finished the November project before the end of November! This video tells the story that we’ll be riding through in the...
  • “Missed Delivery” Sketches

    Hello Drip! Thanksgiving left me all off-kilter, schedule-wise, so while I wrote and planned a vlog episode for this week, I never...
  • Vlog #5: “Missed Delivery” Pitch

    This one was fun to record! Transcript ========== The story of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is so simple. Mr. Toad drives around recklessly and...
  • Vlog #4: Announcing the November project!

    I tried to do a green screen thing on this one. It took an incredibly long time to render and then didn't look right at all. Oh...
  • The Third Avenue Chamber Scenic Stills!

    Happy Halloween! The Third Avenue Chamber is nearly done, but not all the way there. To celebrate the fact that we’ve come this far, here...
  • Vlog #3: Back from the dead!

    Happy Halloween! Transcript ========== Hi there! It’s your old friend John Holdun. Last time you heard from me, I said I was closing my...
  • RIP Drip

    Hello friends! Weird news! Yesterday, Kickstarter announced ( ) that...
  • Big Gate, Little Gate

    Hello! I have family in town this week, so the latest vlog is delayed a couple days. If you’re an Insider or above, expect your weekly...
  • Vlog #2: One Scene

    Hope you’re not too spooked by the ghost light. Transcript ========== Hi! Here’s the second vlog!  This week I made a lot more clay,...
  • Vlog #1: Making Clay

    I forgot to look at the camera sometimes. Vlogging is harder than it looks! The paper clay recipe is from (...
  • The Band (and an Inktober entry!)

    Every Variable Stage Halloween production has included a ghostly jazz band. While the skeletons poke around among the tombstones, an...
  • Welcome to Variable Stage!

    Hello! This post, and the launch of Variable Stage on Drip, marks the beginning of our third season. In our first two, we put together...