Big Gate, Little Gate

Published on 2018-10-23

Hello! I have family in town this week, so the latest vlog is delayed a couple days. If you’re an Insider or above, expect your weekly installment tomorrow or maybe Thursday. Also, the Bronx Zoo is very cool!

In lieu of a larger update on The Third Avenue Chamber, here are two photos: one from 2017 and one from 2018. A year ago, nearly to the day, Zander and I built a functional “iron” gate that served as the entrance to Graveyard Swing. A couple days ago, I built a smaller version of this gate! The original was 3' wide; the small one is 5' wide to scale, so they don't look exactly the same.

The Granite Cemetery was booked for a spooky Halloween wedding and the skeletons didn’t much appreciate the hubbub, so they checked in to the Chamber for a couple days and brought some comforts of home with them.

Next week is Halloween, which is when our ~founding period~ ends and when you see the finished product for this year’s Halloween attraction! I’ve also already started planning the next thing, we which start right away in November, and it is going to be so cool.