“Post Haste!” Concept Video

Published on 2018-11-29

It’s here! I finished the November project before the end of November!

This video tells the story that we’ll be riding through in the Variable Stage (scale model) attraction for Winter 2018. It’s called Post Haste!

I think it’s important to note here that this video is all about the plot and does not actually depict the ride. This film and the ride will tell the same story, but not in exactly the same way, and I wanted to figure out the beats of the story before it was time to focus on fitting the story onto a track We’ll get into this distinction a little more in a blog post this week!

Speaking of blogs, I’ve decided (again) that I don’t think Drip is right for me. We had one shaky month and one successful month together, but the vlogging and the paywall and the uncertain future…it doesn’t feel right. So this time, for real, I’m shutting down my Drip, and will go back to almost-weekly text blogs on the Variable Stage website, with almost-monthly project completions (like this one) going to the newsletter. More on this soon; it’s late and right now I need to go dream of squirrels on bird feeders.

See you on stage!