RIP Drip

Published on 2018-10-25

Hello friends! Weird news!

Yesterday, Kickstarter announced that Drip is changing hands, sort of. They are “partnering with XOXO on a new project that will ultimately replace Drip.” As far as I can tell, this basically means that Drip will be in stasis for a while—up to a year?—while XOXO gets things in order, and then they’ll help existing Drip users to migrate to the new thing and shut Drip down.

I’m sure this will be a net positive for the creators using Drip, but I’ve hastily decided to quit while I’m ahead! My Founding Period ends November 1st; I’m going to reveal The Third Avenue Chamber the day before, then shut down my Drip and go back to good old blogging on the Variable Stage website and via the existing mailing list.

The good news is that the project, and the projects I have lined up for the months to come, are not changing at all. I’m just taking back some of my flexibility and autonomy in how I share the work (and giving most of it away for free again).

None of my existing backers will be charged (or, if Drip does charge any of you, I’ll refund you.) To stay up to date with future work, make sure you’re on the Variable Stage mailing list, and thank you so so very much for being here! Now I gotta get back to building some tombstones. 🎃