Vlog #2: One Scene

Published on 2018-10-16

Hope you’re not too spooked by the ghost light.


Hi! Here’s the second vlog! 

This week I made a lot more clay, and then used all that clay on the characters. I’m really getting a feel for this recipe and it’s just remarkably consistent and pleasant. And there’s baby oil in there so it smells great.

Everybody has roughly the correct volume now, and so the current task is to smooth out all those surfaces and add details—things like faces and hair and fur and shirt collars and pants cuffs and whatever. That could be quick or it could take way more time than is available to me, so meanwhile I’m working on other things in parallel.

As I mentioned last week, here’s our first bit of scenery! This is a mostly flat backdrop that sits behind the ghosts; it’ll be painted to sort of fade into the void along the edges, and there will be a painted background extension through that doorway so it looks like this crypt extends forever. At full size, this piece would be eight feet tall and eight feet wide, with a three foot-by-six-foot doorway in the middle. The arch part of this is the exact same size as the four arches I built last year for Graveyard Swing, but, you know, smaller. You might also notice the surface detail on this backdrop; some of the stones that make up the wall are raised; the rest will be painted in, and everything will be painted as if to be illuminated from below, even though the “real” lights will be overhead. If this were full-size, this backdrop may have just been completely flat, but this is a little thing! I get to boost my production value!

I’ve also started reviewing the floor plan for this attraction, which I put together back in the summer when I was planning to host this at Access Theater in SoHo. That’s the venue where Graveyard Swing popped up, and in keeping with a semblance of reality, I’m sticking to the shape of that space. It’s time to take this digital plan and make it physical, starting with some quick renderings of the footprint of each scene at scale so I can start staging the characters and their props and deciding how it will all fit together.

That’s all for now! See you on stage!