Kel makes fantasy comics with an interest in magic and the supernatural, particularly werewolves. There's a emphasis on small stakes conflicts, characters, and deconstruction of other stories.

Hi there! I'm Kel McDonald, a comic artist and writer with a focused on magic and folklore, particularly werewolves. I like characters and playing off the way stories are structured. Follow me at:

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Right now I'm working on:

The City Between is a series of short urban fantasy stories in a futuristic setting. The average person knows werewolves and other shape shifters live among us but don't know that's just the tip of the iceberg. While technology has advanced, there are still magical secrets hidden around us. It's free to read online, but you can read ahead here! Currently, it updates Wednesdays.

You are the Chosen One is an epic fantasy story about 23 kids who are all told a prophecy that proclaims them the Chosen One. Each kid has to decide what the prophecy means and what their destiny is.  However, not all of them can achieve that destiny. This story is Drip exclusive for the time being.

[Super]Natural Attraction is a supernatural romantic comedy styled after shojo reverse harem manga like Fruit Basket and Ouran Host Club. Persephone died and was brought back to life by her friend Victoria. Now she can see the supernatural creatures hiding in plain sight. It's drawn by Kara Leopard. This is currently on my Drip and Kara's patreon. It will get posted on Fridays. 

Right now, I'd like to make enough to give my free comics more of my time rather than relying on freelance, conventions, and ads on my website. Every bit of support you give will go to getting more of my comics online.

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