Drip is closing down

Published on 2019-08-21

Hey folks, 

At this time you should have gotten an email from Drip telling you that it's stopping all subscriptions and closing it's doors. 

If that email went to your spam folder than here is the quick version:

  • No one will be charged after the September 13th
  • Posts will stay up until November 14th

Basically, Drip doesn't think that it can afford to keep the site running unless they get more funding and then it will still take years to MAYBE make it break even. So they would rather close the site now rather than struggle with funding only to fall apart after artists rely on them for income. 

I'm guess I'm going back to Patreon

Right now [Super]Natural Attraction has one page left in chapter 2. That's gonna be the last page of it here on Drip. Chapter 3 will start posting on my Patreon starting on Halloween. This way I have some time to revamp my Patreon's appearance a little. 

I'll keep posting The Dead Deception on here early until things shut down for good, but those are already getting posted on Patreon. 

I'm very bummed that Drip is closing down. I really hoped it would end up being successful.

Thank you all for your support on here over the year.