New Drip! New goals!

Published on 2018-08-19

Hi everyone! I'm Kel McDonald. Welcome to my Drip. 

I've been making comics online since 2005. While my online comics used to pay all my bills, as the internet changes so did my income sources. So I've switched focus on doing conventions and freelance work. I'd like to update my online comics more regularly. Right now I'm posting a page a week. I'd like to eventually get it back up to 3 times a week or even 5 times and I'd like to make my website ad free. 

On this Drip I'm mostly going to post a public monthly update and early comics. I still want most of my extra work to be free. The better Drip does the more things I will post for everyone!

The two things that will stay behind a paywall are [Super]Natural Attraction which will give a page a week for $1 a month and developmental things for You are the Chosen One

Things I'll start posting publicly as funding gets better will be:

- Reference photos for comic pages as they go up. 

- pencil versions of pages. 

- more frequent comic updates

The first goal is $100 a month. Then I'll start posting reference photos publicly.