[Super]Natural Attraction weekly updates!

Published on 2018-09-20

[Super]Natural Attraction is a episodic digital comic with a dark sense of humor. It's inspired by a love of the paranormal and reverse-harem shojo manga (such as Ouran Host Club).  Originally it was funded on Kickstarter. But it's moving to Drip. Every Monday starting on October 22nd, I'll post a page for every Drip backer to enjoy.

I'm the writer. Kara Leopard is drawing. Whitney Cogar is coloring. 

[Super]Natural Attraction is:

Persephone was about start her second year of college, when she was tragically killed in a hit and run. Luckily, her eccentric med-student roommate have found a way to "fix" her. She is now returned from the dead with only a few scars as proof it of the incident. 

However, her unique situation allows her to find out her school campus is full of vampires, werewolves, demons, witches, satyrs, and every magical creature from legend. No one else can see their true nature. This makes her a curiosity to the whole new found community and a useful tool to the local monster hunter looking for proof.