Thanks all founding members!

Published on 2018-10-22

Hi all. 

I wanted to thank you for backing during the founding period. Now the Drip is live and things are ready to get moving. 

I already posted the first page of [Super]Natural Attraction. You can give it a look here. 

It will be posted on Mondays. Since Drip is new I can't schedule an update yet. It was the first thing I requested as a feature though. So unlike the stuff on my personal site, it won't show up at the exact same time every week. I've got a strength training class Monday mornings that ends at 11 PST. So I figured coming home, cleaning myself up and then posting the page will be an easy way to remember to upload it until con season roles around in March. 

The same is true of early pages of The City Between on Wednesday. 

As for the other stuff I promised, Drip emails you all every time I update. I don't want to clog your emails when I have a lot of stuff to post, but still want to keep stuff regular. So for behind the scenes process stuff on You are the Chosen One and The Dead Deception, would you prefer I do a big update monthly or just post what I got if I have anything Fridays?