Making comics that deal in the poetic, personal, and weird.

Hello, welcome to my Drip account!

My name is Kevin Czap (pronounced "Chap") – I consider myself a cartoonist, micro-press publisher, ingenue, and an active citizen of the comics community. Sometimes people call me "Comics Mom." I live in Providence, RI and am lucky enough to devote my time and energy to putting comics into the world. I make my own comics, like my book Fütchi Perf, published by Uncivilized Books, and my current project Four Years. In general, my work is influenced by songwriting and design and is concerned with ideas of personal transcendence. I've got more solo projects on the horizon too, and I'd love for you to be a part of making that happen. 

I also run the micro-press Czap Books, publisher of the critically-acclaimed and beloved comics by Laura Knetzger, Jessi Zabarsky, Liz Suburbia, and Rory Frances, to name a few. Czap Books also co-publishes the Ignatz-nominated series Ley Lines, comics inspired by all art forms.


Supporting me at the $1 tier, "Dear Heart," gives you:

  • A psychic "thank you" from my dear heart.
  • Sketchbook and warm-up drawings

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  •  Everything from the $1 tier. 
  •  Early access to in-progress peeks, behind-the-scenes content, and finished work well before I share them with the public.
  •  Discount codes and exclusive promotions for Czap Books titles.
  •  Regular updates about what I'm up to, art-wise.


Supporting me at the $5 tier, "Full Support," gives you:

  •  Everything from the $3 tier. 
  •  Exclusive content just for you, like...
  •  ... a comics diary updated on the regular.


I'm a comics lifer, and all financial support keeps me focused on making new work! Support my Drip today to get in at the start of my glow-up, and enjoy the ride the whole way!

Thank you!

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