Fütchi Perf

Published on 2019-03-04

Maybe my proudest achievement to date, Fütchi Perf is my love/break-up letter to Cleveland, and an unabashedly optimistic dream of the future. It's wild to think the story is almost five years old! I self-published it through Czap Books in 2015, my last year in Cleveland, and it was re-released through Uncivilized Books in fall 2017. Since then, it's been read by so many more people than I could have ever imagined, and while it's not an "easy" comic to read, I'm so grateful to the people who have connected with it.

I wanted to share an excerpt of the book with y'all - if you like it, you can buy a copy here, or wherever comics are sold!

This story is called "Theme" and it opens the book :>