The Future of Drip (is Patreon)

Published on 2019-06-26

Hello everyone!

I wanted to get in touch with you about some changes that will happening in the next few months. Around the time I launched this campaign, word went out that Drip's parent company Kickstarter had sold it, and that this service would be changing hands to XOXO (a company I'm much less familiar with) in a year's time. They gave us all the assurances that things would be great and that in the meantime we could continue to use Drip to raise money for our ongoing projects.

Earlier this month, Drip creators received word that XOXO has ultimately decided to not adopt us. Since Kickstarter was not capable of maintaining this service and hence sold it off in the first place, they have decided to discontinue Drip. The word handed down is that the lights at Drip will stay on up through the end of October 2019.

I'm sad that this outlet which felt so promising didn't end up surviving for long. I can't thank you all enough for how much your monthly contributions have helped me. If you were interested in continuing to support me, please allow me to direct you to my Patreon account which I have been running concurrently. Everything I've posted to Drip has gone up at Patreon as well, and so if you choose to make the switch, things will continue on as they have been.

Of course, you're more than welcome to continue pledging to this Drip account, just know that it will be gone come November. 

Thanks again! 

All my love,