Welcome to my Drip!

Published on 2019-02-28

Hello and welcome to my new Drip account! This year I am committed to my artistic glow up, and I'm very excited for you to join me on that journey. My goal here is to make and post art with increasing frequency, and to create bodies of work that will be foundational steps to each consecutive step up through my career!

My backstory
My backstory

A bit about me: I'm a 33 (going on 34) year old cartoonist, publisher, and designer based in Providence, RI. I cut my teeth in the Cleveland, OH comics scene where I co-organized the local small press convention for several years. My time in Cleveland helped inspire my first major comic Fütchi Perf (available from Uncivilized Books)

I also run Czap Books, a comics micro-press that has published Laura Knetzger, Jessi Zabarsky, Liz Suburbia, and co-published the Ignatz-nominated series Ley Lines. I was the colorist for The Breakaways by Cathy G. Johnson (from First Second) and I've been lucky to have worked in other aspects of comics production as well lately. 

Currently, I'm working on a new serialized story called Four Years. Like a lot of my work, it has a lot to do with powerful friendships and transcendental yearning. I also love portraiture, sci-fi futurist stuff, fashion, curvy  lines, music, and queer dreaminess.

I hope that gives you all an idea of what to expect from my Drip account – I plan on posting regularly with process posts, new comic strips, illustration work, and maybe some fan art here or there. Every bit of support is worth mountains to me, so thank you in advance for subscribing.

I will talk with you again real soon!

xoxox, k czap (they/them)