Hello World 06: February Highlights

Published on 2018-03-06

Hihi everyone,

It was a busy month for me, but I am really grateful to get the chance to interact with so many different parts of the world! Here's a little summary if you want to explore a bit:

I did two class visits, one to Angela Washko's Contextual Practice course at Carnegie Mellon, and Sara Ludy's Virtual Installation course at SAIC! Both Angela and Sara are two colleagues that I respect and look up to very much, so it was a real pleasure to get the opportunity to chat with them and their students!

I had a brief appearance for San Francisco-based artist Theo Schear's presentation "Carpe 3Diem", where he spoke about virtual legacy and the cusp of portraiture and 3D scanning.

Willa Köerner invited me to have a conversation with her for The Creative Independent, we got to talk a bit about immateriality, identity, and keeping it cool despite such crazy times in the world. 

I joined Patricia MacCormack and Thomas Yeomans for a series of presentations at Interfaces Monthly, hosted by The Trampery and the Barbican Centre. We discussed Technology and the Occult – I shared a bit of my studies of metaphysics and alchemy, and how I feel they relate to our virtual experiences.

Thank you so much for all of the support and visiting my Drip! If you haven't yet, it isn't too late to join my .ZIP Club! It is a really nice way to share more of my process and upcoming works. There are some exciting things coming up soon, I can't wait to share them with you ^^